Friday, November 17, 2006

Why Okinawa? Messages from the People

In August 2004, a Marine Helicopter,
from the Futenma MCAS crashed into the Okinawa International University causing major damage.
While the damage has been repaired, the damage to the Okinawan People continues.

The US Military in 1945 decided to turn Okinawa into a Military Island, mainly because of its location as the "Keystone to the Pacific" and through a "Secret Agreement" between the US Military and the Government of Japan, for financial considerations, Okinawa has been forced to bear the burden of US Military Alignment in Asia.

Okinawa has rebuilt following the end of WWII just as other countries do following wars, but only on Okinawa, are the People in a continuous state of "Occupation".

Okinawa is important to Japan, because it keeps American Soldiers off of the Japanese Main Islands, which host Only 4 major US Bases.

US News Reports "Japan has 50,000 US Military Personnel", however in reality, it is Okinawa, that maintains 75% of this number, which is misleading to Americans, who wonder why Okinawa complains so much.

37 US Military Bases on Tiny 489 Sq Mi Okinawa, (which will fit easily in Los Angeles between Pasadena and Long Beach) & Is Very close in size to New York City.

Instead of closing the Futenma MCAS because of the dangers, the Military wants to fill in a large portion of Oura Bay, including part of the Henoko Penensula on the Pacific side of Huge Camp Schwab, which will destroy the Ocean Eco System, as well as the endangered gentle Dugong, who reside in Oura Bay.

We at RAFilms are not anti military, The Director, spent 3 years Active US Army, 2 years on Okinawa at Torii Station, and 7 years in the Active Army Reserves, ready to return to Asia to defend America against any who would attack the American way of life...
We support the efforts of the young men and women of the US Armed Forces currently deployed to the middle east and pray they will come home safely.
We do not support, Any member(s) of any administration, that will use these young men and women, to
(a) further their own agendas, through...
(b) misguided planning...
(c) defective intelligence, whether by mis-information or by design...
The careless manipulation of world events, so as to mislead the American Public in the willful and carless handling of America's most prescious commodity...
America's young people; Further the negligence in taking proper care of these young men and women while they are in uniform and when they are completed with their military service is disgracful and will leave America with a new legion of homeless and uncared for veterans..
In addition the lack of consideration for the economic impact on the American Citizens for this continued, unnecessary war in Iraq, rather than the proper direction of military action that is needed in Afganistan, will cost America financially to an extent unimaginable by an administration that will not be held accountable. Have we not learned anything from the past?

We also believe that with Okinawa's extremely poor Economy, that there are financial benefits for the presence of some US Bases, but at what point do Okinawans have the right to say enough is enough?
At what point is the proliferation of US Bases on this tiny island considered to be overwhelming for the Okinawan People who deserve better?

Okinawans worldwide, are concerned about their identity;
"Napoleon" was one of the first to cast disparaging remarks about the Okinawans, who preferred peace to war;
Commodore Perry, urged the President to allow him to take Okinawa for the Americans; Japan stepped in and annexed The Ryukyu Kingdom , took our last King Hostage in Japan, to prevent foreign trade, not realizing the inevitable.

Okinawa has realized the inevitable... Japan's Ruling block, "Big Picture" is to use Okinawa for their own Political Interests, while walking over Okinawan Rights, taking away their incomes, or financial aid, if they speak out against this system of Discrimination.

Our film " Why Okinawa? Messages from the People" screened with the New York International Film Video Festival, won "Best Historical Documentary" in November 2006 in New York City, as well as 4 other awards.

We Screened in Los Angeles, in March of 2007, and for the rest of 2007, this story screened in Japan.
DVDs of this story available through our website.

Our goal, at RAFilms and SilkDragonProductions will be to continue to monitor the progress of freedom for Okinawans;
Produce more stories relating to Okinawan History; Hopefully to educate more people around the world, not only the history but also the beauty of Okinawa from our studio on Okinawa.